Could Leonardo DiCaprio have ‘drowneded’ in all of his films?

Recently in my life, I went on a holiday with my friends, or squad, which we imaginatively called our squaliday. Considering that 90% of this blog’s audience are the people who went on the squaliday, it would make sense to write about our hilarious misadventures of the past week for the purposes of nostalgia and relatability.

Instead, I’m going to delve into a more pressing investigation. My hypothesis: Leonardo DiCaprio could’ve ‘drowneded’ in all of his films.

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Examine the features of a good film remake with reference to films you have studied e.g. Beauty and the Beast (18 marks)

I’m trying to write a blog but I’m supposed to be revising for A Levels, so if I structure this review as an 18 mark A01 R.E essay, that counts as revision, right? Yeah, I think so too.

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