Oi! – what’s this blog all about? Well, hold it right there, pal and I’ll tell you.

This isn’t really a hey-look-at-what-I-did-last-week blog or a hey-read-about-all-these-things-I-just-bought blogs.

It’s more a hey-I-really-want-to-write-little-amusing-articles-for-a-living-but-no-one-will-pay-me-yet-so-read-them-on-here-for-free blog. I would argue that in a lot of ways this kind of blog is better.

So whether you want a poem about jam, ramblings about career choices, or content about the lead up to going off to uni that’s written so that you can sing it to the theme tune from Phineas and Ferb (come on, who doesn’t want that?) then this is the website for you.

But if you’d prefer to read about clothes hauls or diet tips then it’s probably not.


(and then after you’ve enjoyed please leave gushing comments like Billy Rubin)