This is real life, not Monopoly

I thought I’d kick this off by giving you an idea of the kind of tone we’re working with. In Year 9, we were told to write a poem about something we were passionate about.

I could have written a poem about something really deep and meaningful but, instead, I wrote it about jam.

I won second prize in that poetry contest and collected £15, because, no, that kind of stuff doesn’t just happen when you land on Community Chest in Monopoly.

Here is said award winning poem:

Ode to Jam

One of the best foods is, by far,
Strawberry jam in a jam jar.
The other jams, I like a lot,
But strawberry really hits the spot.

It is a jar of joy to me,
Once I explain, you will agree.
The gorgeous, gleeful, garnet tone
Of red looks perfect on a scone.

The divine flavour, not to mistake
When sandwiched between two pieces of cake.
And who would ever think to dread
A splash of jam atop white bread?

The flavours dance upon the tongue,
A treat for people old and young.
With an aroma of such flawless grace,
How can jam not bring a smile to your face?

I’ll say it again as I’ve said it before:
The one food that I truly adore,
A jar of which I’d like to cram
Into my mouth: a jar of jam.


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