Examine the features of a good film remake with reference to films you have studied e.g. Beauty and the Beast (18 marks)

I’m trying to write a blog but I’m supposed to be revising for A Levels, so if I structure this review as an 18 mark A01 R.E essay, that counts as revision, right? Yeah, I think so too.

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Poor Career Choices

By this, I don’t mean that I’m hoping to be go into something stupid, a profession that guarantees disrespect and ridicule. I don’t know, something silly like being a semi-professional uni-cyclist or a politician or something.

I mean that I want to be a writer which means that I am destined to be poor.

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All the yous you use

We all have different personas based on who we’re with. The occasional time when you’re out with one friend and then see another and your behaviour visibly changes; then suddenly the existential questions come flooding in:

Why am I acting differently now? In what way did I just change? What am I really like? Who is the real me? WHO AM I????

It’s hard to focus on small talk when internally you’re having an identity crisis.

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This is real life, not Monopoly

I thought I’d kick this off by giving you an idea of the kind of tone we’re working with. In Year 9, we were told to write a poem about something we were passionate about.

I could have written a poem about something really deep and meaningful but, instead, I wrote it about jam.

I won second prize in that poetry contest and collected £15, because, no, that kind of stuff doesn’t just happen when you land on Community Chest in Monopoly.

Here is said award winning poem:

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